Living In A Small Home Is Easier Than You Think

Almost all people assume that they need a big spacious family home to feel comfortable. Size seems to matter a lot when we’re talking about houses, but… is this really the case?

Sure, with a big home you get more space which means you should have more room to store things and end up with less clutter. But, you also have a home that’s considerably more expensive than a smaller home in the same location. All the money you can save by getting a smaller house can be used to help your family in other ways.

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Most people put off small homes purely because of the size issue they think exists. They think it will be hard for a family to live in a small home. But if you are living within the city and with condominiums slowly taking its pace, tiny living is now considered. Besides, many find that living in a small home is easier and there are ways you can turn a small little bungalow into a very spacious family home.

Below are few ideas that will help you:

Put Things In Storage

It’s fair to say that most people take up space in their home with items they don’t really need. We’ve all got big things or items of furniture that rarely get used, and we can do without. However, we might not want to sell them as they could have emotional value attached to them. The same goes for things like children’s toys that litter the place, but we don’t want to throw out as they remind us of significant times in our kid’s lives. Now, there are places like Canning Vale Storage Units that offer storage space for anyone that needs it. You pay for a unit and put all your things there that aren’t essential for your home, but you can’t bear to get rid of. This frees up loads of space in your house and can make rooms a lot bigger, making life more comfortable for you. In this side of the world though, these are not offered however storage boxes are available.

Get More From Your Rooms

Another idea is to take some rooms in your small home and get more from them. What I mean is that you can take your kitchen and stick a table in there for everyone to eat on. If you have a dining room, you’ve now got a free room to use for whatever you want as everyone eats in the kitchen. Likewise, you could make your children share a bedroom, which might free up another bedroom to be used for something else to give your house more space and more functions.

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Make Use Of Your Garden

A small home with a garden can be an absolute blessing. With a garden, you now have some extra space to utilize. You can build a garden shed and automatically grant yourself some extra storage space, freeing up room in your home. As you can see on the Absco Garden Sheds website, there are loads of different varieties and sizes you can buy. This means you can take up a small section and still have room to turn your garden into something beautiful.

You see, you don’t need a big house to create a lot of space. Living in a smaller home is easy when you know how to make it more comfortable and practical for your family.

Things Your Construction Contractor Won’t Tell You

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Renovating your home is an exciting experience, but it can be soured by construction contractors or builders if they aren’t as honest and upfront as you would like. Most homeowners have had bad experiences with builders at least once, whether they’ve presented you with a much higher bill or carried out shoddy work on your property. We had a bad experience with contractors when the husband ask him more details of the material’s prices. It way too different from the actual price in the stores. It can make you feel foolish for not choosing your contractor more wisely, but the thing is, there are some things that builders simply won’t tell you, which makes it difficult to choose wisely.

Here are some of the most common things builders will neglect to mention when you’re in the process of hiring them:

Their Low Bid Probably Isn’t Accurate

As a homeowner, you probably get a number of quotes before hiring a builder, which is the sensible thing to do. What isn’t sensible, however, is to choose the builder who’s offering you a significantly lower price than the others. That’s because he has probably underestimated his bid purposely in order to get the work, and once you’ve hired hi the price will keep rising. This is particularly problematic if you plan to get the money for the renovations from a homeowner loans company, or if you’re on a very tight budget. It is, then, a much better idea to ask him to show you detailed figures for the job or go with a different builder entirely.

There are Extras Built into the Contract

A lot of builders will add hidden extras into their contracts, which you might not need and which could end up costing you money if you don’t double check before hiring them. For example, some builders may put low-cost materials into the contract, only to try and get you to upgrade with persuasive language later on, or they might quote a lower number of hours to complete the job than actually necessary and then charge you by the hour for any time they run over. This is really something you need to look out for.

They Don’t Have Insurance

I can’t state how important it is that any builder you hire to work on your property has their own appropriate insurance. A lot of builders will neglect to declare that they don’t have insurance, or skirt over the issue when you bring it up, and if they do this, you should be very wary of hiring them because, should they be injured on your property, you could be liable! Ideally, you should always ask to see their insurance documents before you sign any contracts.

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They May Cut Corners

I can pretty much guarantee that your builder isn’t going to tell you upfront that they may well cut corners on your job, but many do. Usually, they will ensure that any cosmetic jobs that you can plainly see are done to the high standard you’re paying for, but they won’t do quite as good a job on hidden elements of your renovation like hidden plumbing and drywall.

If you can, it is then, a good idea that you, or another person you trust, is on hand to supervise them. This should ensure that they do exactly what they said they would with the quality of materials you’re paying for.

They Shouldn’t Come to Your Door

Builders who come to your door trying to convince you that you need a new roof or that your foundation needs to be repaired are never going to tell you that good builders don’t need to go from door to door plying their trade. Most of the people who do this are little more than scam artists and opportunists looking to take the money and run or do a shoddy job and pocket the difference. If a builder calls on you at your home, thank them for pointing out the ‘issue’ but politely decline their offer and have your own builder check it out to see if any work really needs to be done.

They Aren’t Registered

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cowboy builders out there operating without a license. They’re hardly going to tell you this, which is why you should check that they have a license, and check that the license they have covers them to do the kind of project you’re paying them for. If it doesn’t, don’t sign a contract!

Now you know the things builders won’t tell you, you can be sure to ask them and ensure that you only hire kosher builders who will do a good job on your home renovation projects.

Turning Your Garden Into A Haven Of Relaxation

One of the best things to do when you finish a long day at work is to grab a cold one and go and sit in your garden to relax or get that small screen and do a little surfing 🙂 . If you have a big outdoor space, this article are many ways in which you could improve your garden so that you’re able to chill out and when the time comes, entertain in style.

  1. Building a reusable barbecue in your garden will create a focal point for you and any guests you may have over. They can be made out of brick which will be able to withstand the heat of your barbecue. There are many different styles that you could go for, including large arched barbecues, or you could go for a more simple design. Search online and in DIY magazines for inspiration. They’re fairly inexpensive to buy the materials for and will last you a good few years.
  2. Having a swimming pool would definitely create an atmosphere in your garden. Too expensive for average earners but  if you can afford, why not? Whether you’re choosing to have a quiet swim at the end of the day, or having friends over for a pool party, it’s bound to spark attention. Although it’s possible to build your own pool, it’s probably best to hire some swimming pool builders who can do the job professionally, and save you the hassle.
  3. Laying out some decking in your garden would give structure to your garden and be a perfect place to display your garden table and chairs. You could also put some potted plants on your decking to keep the greenery alive. Plants are also known to help reduce stress, improve concentration and keep the air around you cleaner. Imagine gazing over your beautiful garden, while the sun sets after a long day at work. Perfection.

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  1. Buying a water feature to display in your garden would create an incredible ambience for you to relax to. The sound of water trickling, and other nature sounds combined are known to destress and calm the mind. Plus, water features are pretty to look at and fairly inexpensive to run, obviously depending on the size of it.
  2. Where would a relaxing garden be without a hammock? If you’ve got the space to display one, I’d definitely recommend it so that you can get comfortable with a good book or some relaxing music and let it take you away for a little while.
  3. There are tons of garden ornaments available to buy, so take a look at the range in your local DIY store. Pick a theme for your garden and buy ornaments that will tie it together. Some ornaments have solar panels fitted so that when it is dark outside they light up your garden without wasting any electric. Cool right?
  4. Having a vegetable patch in your garden will create another focal point, and also contribute to you being more self sufficient. It will also save you money on the fruit and vegetables you decide to grow.

There we have it, seven ways in which you can transform your garden into a haven of relaxation. Try implementing these ideas today and begin enjoying your garden!

What Makes a Super Kitchen?

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In a family house, the kitchen often acts as the epicentre where so much of the socialising and bonding is done. It is a place you gather together, whether you are baking cookies as a family or enjoying some home cooked meals. So, the question remains: what makes a great kitchen? Well, this varies from person to person, but this article is here to shed some more light on this question in the attempt to give it a more definite answer.

A Triangle Setup

If you are currently in the process of redesigning your kitchen, you should be thinking in triangles. Though this may sound strange at the moment, there is a very good reason for this. You want your chopping space, fridge and oven to be at each corner of the triangle so everything is easily accessible when you are cooking. This way, the whole job gets done much more efficiently. Makes this separate from your eating space for which you can buy solid teak or oak wood kitchen and dining furnitures from online store. Try to clear the space between the points of the triangle as much as possible so you can move between them freely.

A Durable and Wipe-Clean Floor

In the kitchen, the floor has to put up with a lot. Spills are a natural fact of life, particularly if you have young children, so you want the cleaning to be straightforward. Also, you may end up spilling hot liquid or food on the floor so it needs to be fairly durable as well. Tiles are a good option as they are easy to maintain. Their one disadvantage is that things break on them easily. If this is a concern of yours, you could go for rubber floor tiles or cork instead.

Good Quality Sinks

If there is one thing that it is worth investing a bit of extra money in your kitchen, it is the sinks. A double butler sink is a good option as you can leave something to soak while still being able to do the rest of the washing up. And if you really want to go all-out, you could go for a hydro tap which dispenses cold, filtered and water hot enough that means you don’t have to boil a kettle every single time.

A Dual Purpose Oven

The clearest combination to go for is an electric oven with a gas hob as this takes care of the cast majority of your cooking needs. And on your gas hob, you will want four or five different rings so you can comfortably have a few saucepans going at the same time. Electric hobs don’t really measure up in the same way as their gas counterparts.

Well-Placed Sockets

If you have a kitchen island, you want sockets that extend over here as well, but otherwise you want these liberally scattered throughout the room so you are comfortably able to plug in all the appliances that you have without needing to go through the hassle of plugging and unplugging all the time.

Ultimately, what makes a great kitchen varies from person to person, but these five things certainly make life easier.

Floors For Four – Room Design From The Ground Up

Style is a big part of room design. Function, on the other hand, is where many of our design ideas start. And what better place to start building up a creative style from than the floor itself. After all, what could be more functional for any room than the floor? Your choice of covering here must serve the purpose of the room. So how can you make sure it looks just as good as the rest of the space?

A kitchen floor goes through a lot! It’s steamy in here, hot, humid, and prone to spills. It’s logical that the floor has to be very hard-wearing, and easy to keep hygienically clean. Of course, the kitchen floor is the best way to style your room. If you want a cottage kitchen, you might go for slate tiles or rustic red floor tiles. A contemporary kitchen might have large size granite tiles with a high gloss polish. Then there are the hardwood floors with a protective covering.

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The bathroom is nearly always humid, and the floor is likely to get wet. Installing this kind of floor takes quite a lot of time as it must be sealed at the edges. Of course, if your bathroom is on the first floor, you might not want heavy granite tiles across floorboards. There are vinyls that look like tiling but offer a warmer, more padded surface, perfect for bare feet. For a seaside theme, why not try a faded or bleached oak wooden flooring?

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This is the place where comfort is essential. The style you’re going for is likely to be soft in texture, and light and calming in colour. This is the one room where a carpet could be ideal. You might want to check out these flooring options at a Carpet One store so you can feel as well as see the finish. If you have pets in the bedroom, you might want a shorter, hard wearing pile to make it easier to vacuum the dropped fur! Don’t forget, you can also contrast the carpet colour with a vibrant, patterned rug.

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Living Room
This is the room where you entertain guests. It’s also the space where the family will come together to relax and have fun. Many people are choosing hardwood flooring for this room. It’s versatile in fitting as well as in colour. Who doesn’t love a deep grain and high gloss polish? Chances are you’re moving furniture about from time to time for cleaning. You can use caster floor protectors that are safe for use on carpet or wooden floor. Engineered wood is often hard wearing enough without them. Best of all, wooden floors are easy to keep hygienically clean, all year round.

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Flooring is often one of the best places to start when you’re designing your colour palette too. Woods, in particular, can be tricky to colour match for fabric furniture or wall paint. This is why it’s good to start from the floor and work your way up in design. Keep it practically stylish.

What to Do If You Cannot Afford Your Kid’s Birthday

For most children, the excitement reaches fever pitch when their birthday is just around the corner. They can’t wait to have a party with all of their friends and, of course, they probably have a wish list full of presents. This can be a worrying and upsetting time for any parent that is struggling financially. It is made even worse by the fact that other kids seem to have the latest mobile phones and games consoles, and you don’t want your child to be left out. So, what can you do if you cannot afford your kid’s birthday?

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Start saving
If your child’s birthday is several months away, you still have some time to save. You may think that it is impossible to put away money every month when you are struggling as it is, but you would be surprised where cut backs can be made. Here are some suggestions to help you with saving when money is already tight:

Sell things – Do you have clothes, games, or furniture around the home that you no longer use? There are bound to be plenty of people that would give them a happy home. Plus, with auction sites like eBay, it is easy to get things off your hands these days.

Use cash-back programs – There are so many different cash-back programs today. Whenever you make a purchase, you will get a percentage of it back as cash. You can add this into a savings account for your little one’s birthday.

Find cheaper gas – There is no denying that gas is a costly expense. However, you can search for the cheapest gas in your area by using the GasBuddy app. This app uses your location to determine the cost of gas around you. You can then save a few bucks every time you fill up.

Change your car insurance – If you have not changed your car insurance in a while, you could find that you are missing out on a lot of savings. Use a comparison site to see if it would be cheaper switching provider.

Go meatless – Next time you do your grocery shop; try to reduce the amount of meat you spend. If you only eat meat once or twice per week, you will save a lot of money. Plus, it is a lot healthier too.

Eliminate unnecessary expenses – It is time to rethink what the word utility means. It should mean the sort of things that you cannot live without. Do you really need your expensive cable package? If not, switch it for a cheaper Internet-based service and add the savings to your child’s birthday fund.

Unplug electronics – Even when the switch is off at the plug, your electronics still leech electricity. Start unplugging them altogether.

Ask friends or family
Have you tried discussing your money issue with a close friend or family member? The likelihood is that they will be more than happy to help if they are able to. After all, they will want your child to have a great birthday too. Bring up the subject with them and see if they offer to help. If they don’t, and you feel comfortable, you could ask them politely if they would be willing to lend you some money and if you could pay them back over time.

Have you considered a loan?
Nowadays, there are many different forms of financial aid available, and taking out a loan can be a good way to ensure your kid has a great birthday. It is simply about finding the right loan for you. Don’t take out more than you need to. Simply borrow a couple of hundred dollars or whatever is required to buy your child a present and give them a good birthday. Just because you can borrow thousands does not mean that you should. Making payments over time is a lot more manageable for most people, and a lot of lenders will enable you to choose a repayment period that is suitable to your situation. This is a good option for those that don’t want to discuss their financial situation with their family and friends. If you know you have income coming in regularly and you can make the repayments on time, it will actually boost your credit rating too, which will help you when borrowing money for any reason in the future.

Make sure you stick to a tight budget
You don’t have to spend a fortune to throw any amazing birthday party. Even if you secure a loan or a loved one offers to lend you some money, you should still set yourself a strict budget. Plus, if you throw an elaborate birthday this year, they will only expect an even bigger one next year. Don’t waste money on private venues or hiring an entertainer for several hours. Do things the old fashioned way. You can easily host a party at your own home, and it doesn’t need to cost a lot to put on a buffet and make some party bags. You could even ask some of the parents if they would be willing to bring something to add to the buffet. You don’t need to buy fancy invites either, as there are plenty of templates online today, which you can easily print out and use. Make sure you have one invite per family. If you are inviting a brother and sister, there is no need to put both names on the invitation.

You can also take care of the entertainment yourself. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a professional service. Enlist the help of one of your friends to do face painting. There are plenty of courses and videos online showing you how to face paint, balloon model, and perform magic tricks. And, there are always the traditional games that provide a lot of fun and make everyone laugh, such as musical chairs and pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. To make the birthday even more special, why not have a theme? From pirates to fairies, there are so many different options.

Top Tips For Creating The Perfect Playroom

As parents, we all know that we spend much of our time either looking after the kids or cleaning up after them.

If you are a stay at home mommy trying to work from home, this can make your life very difficult and trying to keep your little ones out of the area from your designated workspace can be a challenge.

One way to preserve your home office space (and your sanity) is to create an area specifically for the kids. If they have their own space, they are much less likely to want to venture into yours.

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So where do you start? Firstly, you decide which room or area in your home you are comfortable with handing over to your kids. It could be an unused bedroom or redundant utility but whatever you decide, creating the perfect playroom will, in turn, make your daily life much less stressful.

If you are lucky enough to have a healthy budget for your project but are short of time, then it makes sense to enlist the help of a team of interior designers. Experts in their field, designers will be able to help your decision process and choose the most suitable materials for the job while staying in budget.

However, if you decide to tackle the project yourself, you may need a little guidance and advice.


Kids are messy. Fact. Therefore it is imperative that you choose hard flooring for your play area, it is hardwearing and easy to clean. Footprints, mud, and spillages can all be wiped off quickly and easily without leaving any lasting stains.


Although you may well decide to simply emulsion the walls with a wipe clean paint, you can make things more interesting. Why not choose a feature wall and decorate it with some laminated wallpaper or pictures to inject some of your kids’ personality into the room.


Any furniture that you choose needs to be practical in both colour and design. Dark colours or busy patterns are preferable as they won’t show up marks or stains. If you opt for a lighter colour palette, choose leather which can be easily wiped clean or fabric which has been pre-treated with a fabric protector to repel dirt and stains.
Choose small sized tables and chairs; it will really make them feel that this is their space.


Make sure that there is somewhere for your little ones to relax and have some down time in their new environment. Beanbags or cushions with washable covers are a great option, and can also double up as mattresses for sleepovers.


Kids accumulate a lot of clutter, so it is important to have plenty of storage available to hide it away. Stackable boxes are an inexpensive and practical option which can be added to over time.

If you take account of these few simple steps you are sure to keep your kids happy, leaving you to get on with your day in peace and quiet.

5 Summer Bedroom Commandments

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Summer has an effect on every room in the house, but none more so than the bedroom. Good for other side of the world as they feel these heat during summer days. But for tropical countries, it has a big impact all year round. The higher temperatures and longer daylight hours will impact your sleep patterns and your overall comfort if you don’t do something about it. After all, summer isn’t all picnics and rainbows, especially when the mercury hits the high 80s and 90s. Thankfully, there are a few simple rules anyone can follow to ensure that summer is as comfortable as possible. And, they are all available below.

Rule #1: Let There Be Darkness

Obviously, natural light is a major part of summer and something everyone should try and incorporate as much as possible. Still, there is a time and a place for light and it isn’t at night when you’re going to sleep. Too much brightness will keep you awake during the evening and affect your sleeping patterns. And, a lack of sleep is the enemy as it affects everything from your energy levels to your mood. Just ask any new parent! By keeping the room dark during the night time, there is no need to get less than seven hours sleep. Installing thick curtains is without a doubt the easiest and most effective trick.

Rule #2: Stay Cool

There is nothing worse than going to bed and sweating under the covers. Of course, throwing the covers off and lying there naked is always an option. But, it’s quite basic and a little bit too much for those people with body issues. So, you need a way to regulate the temperature, especially during the night. Start off by changing the bed sheets and going with something thinner. Silk covers are light and don’t retain heat as well as other materials. Also, wash the sheets regularly as everything from dead skin to dog hair can make an impact.

Rule #3: But Be Prepared

Summer isn’t always red hot, and there are days when the mercury will hit rock bottom. Seriously, it’s like the winter is back with a vengeance. When these days occur, and they will, keeping cool won’t be so important. In fact, you’ll be so cold that getting warm is the main priority. The good news is that keeping warm isn’t an issue with a closet full of goodies. With thicker sheets, warmer PJs, and a nice blanket all ready to go, you won’t feel the cold any near as much.

Rule #4: Use Light Colours

Because of the season, there is no need for dark, matte colours. To be honest, they are miserable and don’t fit in with the atmosphere. What you want is a room which imbues all the great features of summer, which is why the colour scheme is so important. Light, bold hues are much more summery and will make the room more practical. Just sitting in it will boost your mood and make you fall in love with the season all over again.

Rule #5: Bring The Outside In

Finally, try and use outdoor elements to add contrast to the room. Summer bedrooms can get a bit samey as everyone follows similar rules. By being different, the sense of originality will flow throughout your boudoir. Plus, the sights and the smells will only add to the summery feel.

Simple Summer DIY For House Renovation

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Summer is almost over in this side of the world while it just started in the other side of world. That means, there’s still plenty of time to start renovating. After all, the sun is shining (hopefully) and the sunlight lasts longer. Plus, no one wants their pad to look like it’s about to fall to the ground in the summertime. The good news is that it doesn’t have to if you know the DIY tricks of the trade. Yep, you can transform your home into something special with a little bit of knowledge. And, there’s no need to expend a boat load of energy.

Here are the DIY tasks you need to know about this summer.

A Coat Of Paint

The weather isn’t very nice to the exterior of your home. In fact, it’s downright rude the way it batters it into submission with a mixture of wind, rain, and hail. No wonder it doesn’t look it’s best! Of course, it’s an easy fix thanks to a DIYers best friend: paint. Paint is glossy and fresh, and it imbues these qualities on everything it touches. That means that a lick of the stuff can go a long way in the aesthetic stakes. Indeed, it can make your house look and feel brand new from the outside. All you have to do is pick a nice color and get to rolling. It might take a few days/weeks, but it will last until next summer.

Window Cleaning

Paint isn’t the only thing that looks dirty and grimy. Windows are also a culprit because the glass is easy to sully. All it takes is a splash of rainwater or someone’s filthy hands and the damage is done. What’s even worse is that everyone can see it as the windows are a focal point of any property. But, there’s no need to panic and call the window cleaner. Instead, just get a bucket of warm soapy water and a cleaning cloth. You might need a ladder, too, to clean the hard to reach areas, but they aren’t difficult to find. Start at the top and work your way to the bottom because the water should trickle down and help keep everything clean.

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Outside Storage

In the autumn and winter months, it’s okay to clutter the outside of the property. For one thing, no one cares when the weather is dark and miserable. It’s not like you’re using your garden or backyard, is it? Plus, homes just never have enough storage space, and the garden is as good a place as any. When the weather changes, so should your mentality. The exterior of your property is not only a place to enjoy and relax, but it’s also a statement. As a result, the clutter needs to go as soon as possible. Start by throwing away the junk you don’t need any longer, and put everything else in the shed. If you don’t have one, move it inside where there is space. And, if that isn’t possible, make room!

Garden Makeover

Speaking of your garden, it’s time it had a makeover. The reason is simple: your garden is the first thing people see when they roll past the house. Although clearing away the clutter is a good start, it is only the beginning. To make your garden sparkle, you need a deck because it’s both beautiful and practical. Don’t worry because it isn’t as hard to build as it sounds when you have George Hill Timber on hand. Then, focus on the plants and flowers. Nothing says a summer garden more than an array of vivid colors and contrasting materials. Also, don’t forget to give the grass a trim. After all, you don’t live on the African grasslands!

wikipedia-house-repairPhoto Source: Wikipedia

Gutter Repairs

Although you hope the summer is going to be rain-free, it isn’t the case. Lots of times over June, July, and August, the rain hits hard, and the gutters need to be ready. If they aren’t, the entire house can feel the house of Mother Nature. Thankfully, looking after the guttering isn’t a difficult task. The main job is to clear it out every once in awhile so that the gunk doesn’t build and cause structural damage. Yes, that does mean you’re going to have to get your hands dirty! If it does break, you should clog the leak as soon as possible. Unless it’s necessary, don’t remove the guttering because it’s a huge job. Instead, patch it up and cover the cracks.

Sometimes, a short-term solution is just as effective as a long-term one.

Tips for Having a Relaxing Home

Tips For A Relaxing Home

How do you feel when you walk into your home? Do you feel calm, happy, and relaxed? If not, this could be a sign that you need that it is time to make a few changes. In today’s frenetic and fast-paced world, it is more important than ever before to create a home that is peaceful and serene so that you can recharge your batteries after a difficult day at work. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Add plants around the home – There are many different reasons why plants are important. Firstly, this is a great way to bring nature into your home, which will create a tranquil and beautiful environment. Not only this, plants help to re-oxygenate and clean the indoor air. You’ll feel much clearer and more relieved because plants can help to eradicate the noxious off-gasses from many products around the home.
  • Create technology zones – When you are relaxing after a hard day at work, it is unlikely that you want to hear the PlayStation competing with children’s cartoons competing with Drake’s newest album. It is important to have rooms that are simply about relaxing, meaning technology is banned! By having designated areas for different activities, you can move from one activity to another with grace and ease.
  • Positive vibes only – What makes you smile? No doubt there are memories that make you feel happy. Add items around the home that will remind you of the great times you have had with your family and friends.
  • Soft furnishings – Soft, plush furnishing is a must if you are to create a peaceful and relaxing environment. You are never going to be able to unwind if you are uncomfortable. Of course, you may not want to spend fortunes on changing your sofa and your chairs, and you don’t need to. Why not opt for a luxurious throw and some striking Versace throw pillows to go with it? Team with a lavish designer rug for relaxation at its very finest.
  • Use colour wiselyColour impacts you on a physical, psychological, and emotional level. Studies have shown that colour can influence your energy levels and your mood. You need to bear this in mind when decorating your home. After all, you won’t be able to relax in a room that is painted a harsh red shade. Blue is a great choice because it helps to reduce tension and calm a person’s mind. It is often used in bedrooms, as it helps people to drift off to sleep. Other relaxing colours include grey, earthy greens, pale pink, and violet. Although if you choose violet, don’t go for a hue that will seem too drab, as this will generate a cold environment.
  • Consider all rooms – Finally, all corners of your home need to be designed with relaxation in mind. Don’t ignore the spare bedroom or the bathroom. They will only end up frustrating you whenever you enter the room if they aren’t as calm and peaceful as the rest of your property.