About Me


I am
– first-born child and has five siblings
– raised from the southern part of the Philippines
– wife to a hardware engineer who was my college classmate
– work as a software tester for 9.6 hrs per day for 5 days per week
– mom to two adorable kids, a demure tween and a mischievous preschooler
– found and fall in love blogging during my bedrest days due to complications of my second pregnancy.

Mommy After Work is a journal about finding balance and creating harmony between work and family from a Cebu based working mama.
Sharing with you, random musing of a working mommy; our love for pastries and anything edible; my family’s wanderings as we explore the beauty of the world; and my obsession on clean & natural living and trying to reconnect with nature.

Just don’t mind the grammar 🙂

Hope you’ll accompany me.

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