Helpful Ways To Work From Home

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As a working mom, I can often feel that I want to be able to spend as much time with my kids as possible. But because I’m “adulting”, I still need to work, besides I enjoy my job and that me time in the office. However, when pressured at work and when my kids ask me to stay at home instead of going to work, I sometimes wonder if only I can able to balance out my time better.

Work from home is an option right? That may sound like a distant dream, but I know a lot of moms attempted in this undertaking and are now successful. If you’d love to be able to work from home and be there for your kids, here are some ways of making it happen based from mommies who experienced it.

Go Freelance With Your Job

First up, one of the options you have would be to go freelance. Regardless of what you do for a living, whether it’s cooking, administration, or even finance, it’s likely that there’s a market out there for freelancers. So, if it sounds like a leap you could make, why not get to work with some DIY and create an office in your home? Then, you’ve got your space to get your work done while you’re kids are napping or at school.

Start Your Own Business

Also, you could think about starting your own business. If it’s always been something that you’ve wanted to do, why wait? If you have something that you’re good at or a hobby that you’d love to turn into a career, then now could be the time to go for it. Plus, with easy building options like steel from or even wood constructions, you can create a space, especially for your business. Then, you can run your business from your property, but still, keep it self-contained.

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Go Flexible

Next up, you might want to think about keeping your job but asking to change the way you work. Your company might be okay with your working in a more flexible way. Depending on what you do, you could do some of your work at home or spend full days there, or even change to flextime to fit in with your kids.

Go Into Daycare

Maybe you fancy a complete change from what you’re doing now? Well, then why not think about a job that can work with your kids, like daycare? Running a daycare at home can be easy to set up, as this shows us. If you really want to be with your kids in the day and not at work, it can be a great way to earn a living and ensure you’re there for them all day.

Become A Team

If your husband has his own business, why not think about becoming a team? If he needs office support, then, you may find that you can help him out with administration or even finances and earn your own wage as an employee for him. It may not be ideal for everyone., but it could be a great way to stay at home and still work.

The Ultimate Ways To Relax After Work

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After a busy day at work, you can often feel as if you need to enjoy the ultimate indulgence when you get home. For some people, helping their kids with homework and getting to bed will always be all they need. But, if you find yourself needing more, then there are other ways that you can kick back and relax with your family after work. With summer  just around the corner, your evenings get lighter and longer, meaning there’s a lot more time for relaxation after work, as well as on the weekends. So if you’re stuck for ideas, try one of these on for size.

Movie Night

Everyone loves a movie night. But they can also be a really great way to unwind with your family when work is done. Whether you’ve got older kids and you all fancy making pizza and watching the latest comedy on a Wednesday night, or you spend Friday nights staying up a bit later with your little ones, you get to spend quality time with your family in the evenings and unwind. You’ve also got the option of having movie night at the weekend, or reserving it for you and your husband alone.

Family Dinner

For some people, making sure the family sits down together every night is the most important part of their day. And it can be for a very good reason. Not only do you get to enjoy a lovely meal together, but you can talk to your kids and your husband and forget all about the busy day at work you just had. If you’re always stuck for recipe idea, these family favorite ideas can work a treat. Then, your family dinners will start to get a little more exciting.

Working Together

Okay, so the idea of working even more when you get off work might put you off, but this isn’t strenuous work at all – it’s the kind you and your kids will love. Perhaps more suitable to the weekends than evenings, but a great way to relax with your family is to spend productive time with them. Whether you want to get out into the garden and plant some vegetables and flowers or bake up a storm in the kitchen, you can find yourself relaxing and having a great time all at once.

Pamper Evenings

Every girl loves to pamper – some men too. So, isn’t the most amazing relaxation idea an evening full of pampering? Even though a night with a face mask and painting your nails might not be the best idea for the entire family to enjoy, but you can all certainly have a great time in the hot tub. Even if it’s something just you and your husband enjoy when the kids have gone to bed, you can find a wealth of hot tub reviews online to help you decide on the right one.

Having Fun

And of course, there’s always the super fun family activities that we all know and love. Again, this one might be more appropriate for the weekend, rather than an evening, but a day out rollerskating or at the beach could exactly what you need to get your mind firmly off of work!

How are you today?


I chatted with my sister last weekend. Remember that sister who experienced fire incident three times? We talked until I asked about how is she doing. I saw her read it  (thank you for “Seen” info in messenger) but I then our conversation unexpectedly stop and I hesitated to ask again.


Until I got her reply yesterday. Read on…


It’s been a while since the last time I’ve translated my thoughts to writing, after watching a clip of an interview of Sheryl Sandberg, somehow, something triggered me to write again.
She said, instead of asking “How are you?” to a person who is heartbroken/grieving ask “How are you today?” instead; at the back of my mind, indeed it’s easier to answer the latter.
Let me tell you a short story, I was 10 when my parents lost their house, our home; I was only a child when my first fire incident happened – I had nothing to lose, right? I cried thinking of my schoolwork and school books and that’s all.

Fast forward to 18 years later, I got married, rented a house, we made a home of our own and some years later – poof – second fire incident, house was razed to the ground, all gone. Knees were wobbly as I saw the remains, cried all night and I recovered swiftly.
And as if I forgot all the sadness of losing (our stuffs) when we found out that we are expecting.
I had a normal pregnancy until the baby had an irregular heartbeat and needs to be delivered prematurely – never been so anxious in my entire life – anxious in its superlative form.
As the NICU graduation is nearing – we are at lost as to how to pay the bills since we have nothing to sell and 2-month NICU stay – Only God knows how we did it but we did it – he sent us angels.

And we were fine.
I guess – still recovering from the financial breakdown.
We had normal ups and downs.
We had laughters and tears.

Until, another fire incident happened – never in my wildest imagination, no one was ready for a third.
It was my parents’-in-law property and it’s been our home for some time, my daughter had memories with her late Grandpa there. Nothing was salvaged. We were heartbroken and still we are.
I think I had a mental breakdown – I was unable to function well. I was at lost again and “lost” is an understatement. I feel disconnected. I had to let the feeling out but – how to?
How can I console my husband, my mother-in-law when I feel I’m at my weakest?
Where do I begin?
How do I comfort me?
How do I call my inner strength?
All I did was cry….
Words of comfort poured in, help came in from all directions and in all forms.
Though my yoke is heavy, I know my God is with me and reconnected with Him. We will be okay.


So, if you ask me “How are you?”, I may give you are blank stare and nothing more.

But…. If you ask….

“How are you today?”.

Still struggling but we’ll get by. Better than yesterday. Stronger than ever.

It’s been 3-months now since the fire incident, we’re still heart broken – not that we lost the material things but the thought of losing all the things where you invested time and sweat – it’s heart breaking.
We are slowly putting back the pieces and writing a new chapter.
We may not forget the feeling but things will get better. I know it will.

And by the way….
How are you today?