Been in a corporate since I finished my studies and spent most of my weekdays at the office than at home, even after I got married. So here I am, honing to be a good mommy and wife…after work.
Plus, I’m trying to squeeze in a little time to get to do what I love aside from work and mommy duties.

I still can’t afford to let go of my work (not now), as it still is our bread and butter and because of little time I get to spent with family, I am trying my best to make it worth. Always praying for the grace of Gift of Life for every precious time God has given me and my family to create memories to treasure. Good thing, family and friends surrounds me thus makes this journey worth taking in.

Come! Join us (me) as we take this adventure 😀

Mommy After Work is a journal about finding balance and creating harmony between work and family from a Cebu based working mama.
Sharing with you,
– random musing of a working mommy;
– love for pastries and anything edible;
– my family’s wanderings as we explore the beauty of the world;
– and my obsession on clean & natural living and trying to reconnect with nature.

Just don’t mind the grammar :)

Hope you’ll accompany me.