Best Things We Did During Our Camiguin SideTrip

Summer is the perfect season for kids to play, learn and have fun and a perfect season for us to go home to province and visit our family and relatives.

Last April 2019, we got a chance to go home to CDO, our province and able to squeeze in a short side trip to Camiguin. The last time I was able to visit this Island of Fire was during my college days. Such a long time ago. When the husband suggested to visit Camiguin, I cannot say no, I love this place!
Camiguin White IslandThis trip was a chance, opportunity for the cousins to bond since we invited my sister-in-law’s family yo join the trip. The kiddos  seldom see each other so this is great opportunity.

How to get there:
My sister-in-law and her kids traveled by bus from Cagayan de Oro bus station to Balingoan port and a rode on a ferry from Balingoan port to Camiguin’s Binone port. For us, we took a the 10AM Cebu to Camiguin flight on PAL.
Camiguin AirportCamiguin PAL CEB-CGM Flight

Tricycles and multicabs are available. Motorbikes are also available for rentals. For us, we were able to rent a multicab from the resort we were staying.

Where we went:

Ardent Hot Spring
Camiguin Ardent Hot Spring
We found our resort in Yumbing at around three in the afternoon. Enough to start and enjoy Camiguin by going to Ardent Hot Spring which is just near from our resort. A quick warm dip in this spring is a pill to relax someone’s body. The spring is surrounded by big trees and plants.
Camiguin HibokHibok
On our way home, we saw this beautiful view of Mt. Hibok-Hibok.

White Island
Camiguin White Islang Sandbar
The famous white island of Camiguin offers fine white sands and refreshing seawater. Best to visit during sunrise or in the early mornings when its not yet so hot and humid.

Sunken Cemetery
Camiguin Sunken Cemetery Cross
We visited the cross that was created to stand as a landmark to was once a cemetery but was buried under water when Mt Vulcan erupted. As time passes, fishes and corals live together with the tombs creating a view underwater. People love to snorkel and view the place. We were not able to snorkel only went to the cross for photo-op.

Ruins of the Spanish Church
Camiguin Church RuinsRemains from the old Spanish Church which was also destroyed during the volcanic eruption. There was no fence around the ruins on the last time I visited the place. Now, just to see the ruins of the church walls, tourist needs to pay an entrance fee.

Tuasan Falls
Camiguin Tuasan FallsCamiguin Tuasan Falls Rocks
My favorite part of the this side trip. I just love the water, its so refreshing and clean. The place seems untouched, unspoiled. No crowd so we were able to enjoy for a short while. Just us.

Sto Nino Cold Spring
Camiguin Sto Nino Cold Spring
Yes you read it right, there are also cold springs and its really super cold. What I love about this place is that its a flowing water. It just never stops flowing, thank you Mother Nature.

Giant Clam Sanctuary
Camiguin Clam Sanctuary
We want to see the giant clams but was not able to push through because there are additional fees (P150 for the diving fee and P250 for the snorkel, life vest, etc.). Thankfully, there are free tours with yung tour guides to discuss about the clams. The kids are a bit disappointed.

Mantigue Island
Camiguin Mantigue Island
Our last stop before going home was Mantigue Island. Another beautiful island worth to visit. Government is making an effort to protect the tourist spot and the environment around Camiguin, I hope they’ll do to other places of our country as well. The island is also a sanctuary and thus protected. Reefs and corals and clams can be viewed around the island too. Inside the island is a little forest, where they create a bamboo bridge for visitors to walk down.

We went home  through Camiguin-Balingoan ferry and Balingoan-CDO bus ride.

These side trip is worth to treasure.
Hoping the place remains untouched and not be commercialized. I still can’t get enough of the place. I want  visit you again Camiguin.

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