Floors For Four – Room Design From The Ground Up

Style is a big part of room design. Function, on the other hand, is where many of our design ideas start. And what better place to start building up a creative style from than the floor itself. After all, what could be more functional for any room than the floor? Your choice of covering here must serve the purpose of the room. So how can you make sure it looks just as good as the rest of the space?

A kitchen floor goes through a lot! It’s steamy in here, hot, humid, and prone to spills. It’s logical that the floor has to be very hard-wearing, and easy to keep hygienically clean. Of course, the kitchen floor is the best way to style your room. If you want a cottage kitchen, you might go for slate tiles or rustic red floor tiles. A contemporary kitchen might have large size granite tiles with a high gloss polish. Then there are the hardwood floors with a protective covering.

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The bathroom is nearly always humid, and the floor is likely to get wet. Installing this kind of floor takes quite a lot of time as it must be sealed at the edges. Of course, if your bathroom is on the first floor, you might not want heavy granite tiles across floorboards. There are vinyls that look like tiling but offer a warmer, more padded surface, perfect for bare feet. For a seaside theme, why not try a faded or bleached oak wooden flooring?

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This is the place where comfort is essential. The style you’re going for is likely to be soft in texture, and light and calming in colour. This is the one room where a carpet could be ideal. You might want to check out these flooring options at a Carpet One store so you can feel as well as see the finish. If you have pets in the bedroom, you might want a shorter, hard wearing pile to make it easier to vacuum the dropped fur! Don’t forget, you can also contrast the carpet colour with a vibrant, patterned rug.

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Living Room
This is the room where you entertain guests. It’s also the space where the family will come together to relax and have fun. Many people are choosing hardwood flooring for this room. It’s versatile in fitting as well as in colour. Who doesn’t love a deep grain and high gloss polish? Chances are you’re moving furniture about from time to time for cleaning. You can use caster floor protectors that are safe for use on carpet or wooden floor. Engineered wood is often hard wearing enough without them. Best of all, wooden floors are easy to keep hygienically clean, all year round.

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Flooring is often one of the best places to start when you’re designing your colour palette too. Woods, in particular, can be tricky to colour match for fabric furniture or wall paint. This is why it’s good to start from the floor and work your way up in design. Keep it practically stylish.

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