What Makes a Super Kitchen?

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In a family house, the kitchen often acts as the epicentre where so much of the socialising and bonding is done. It is a place you gather together, whether you are baking cookies as a family or enjoying some home cooked meals. So, the question remains: what makes a great kitchen? Well, this varies from person to person, but this article is here to shed some more light on this question in the attempt to give it a more definite answer.

A Triangle Setup

If you are currently in the process of redesigning your kitchen, you should be thinking in triangles. Though this may sound strange at the moment, there is a very good reason for this. You want your chopping space, fridge and oven to be at each corner of the triangle so everything is easily accessible when you are cooking. This way, the whole job gets done much more efficiently. Makes this separate from your eating space for which you can buy solid teak or oak wood kitchen and dining furnitures from online store. Try to clear the space between the points of the triangle as much as possible so you can move between them freely.

A Durable and Wipe-Clean Floor

In the kitchen, the floor has to put up with a lot. Spills are a natural fact of life, particularly if you have young children, so you want the cleaning to be straightforward. Also, you may end up spilling hot liquid or food on the floor so it needs to be fairly durable as well. Tiles are a good option as they are easy to maintain. Their one disadvantage is that things break on them easily. If this is a concern of yours, you could go for rubber floor tiles or cork instead.

Good Quality Sinks

If there is one thing that it is worth investing a bit of extra money in your kitchen, it is the sinks. A double butler sink is a good option as you can leave something to soak while still being able to do the rest of the washing up. And if you really want to go all-out, you could go for a hydro tap which dispenses cold, filtered and water hot enough that means you don’t have to boil a kettle every single time.

A Dual Purpose Oven

The clearest combination to go for is an electric oven with a gas hob as this takes care of the cast majority of your cooking needs. And on your gas hob, you will want four or five different rings so you can comfortably have a few saucepans going at the same time. Electric hobs don’t really measure up in the same way as their gas counterparts.

Well-Placed Sockets

If you have a kitchen island, you want sockets that extend over here as well, but otherwise you want these liberally scattered throughout the room so you are comfortably able to plug in all the appliances that you have without needing to go through the hassle of plugging and unplugging all the time.

Ultimately, what makes a great kitchen varies from person to person, but these five things certainly make life easier.

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