Honey’s Amazing Race Birthday Party


I’m no good at hosting parties. My daughter had only two birthday party treats — on her 1st and 7th birthday and no I did not do the preparations. Her first birthday was prepared by mys siblings at our home while we avail Jollibee birthday package on her 7th. For the other birthdays, we let them have and eat their cake, we dine outside and then go home. No birthday preparations. Nothing fancy.

This year, I went out of my comfort zone and tried a birthday party, an adventure that hopefully she’ll remember and keep. With google’s help, I found birthday posts using Amazing Race theme. I love the show and when I told her about it, she kind of like it. Like the reality show, “The Amazing Race”, each teams are given clue for their next challenge or task that can affect the teams physically, mentally and emotionally.

For our Amazing Race, I picked tasks that I think is appropriate for the kids. I have to keep the tasks secret to be fair with every kids.

One week before Honey’s Amazing Race, I let my daughter send a verbal invitation to our neighbor’s kids. Yep, no invitation thus, it took awhile for the kids to gather around. Since there’s not invitation they were a bit hesitant until I put the table outside and called the kids to gather.

Once gathered around and with the little explaining on the game’s mechanics, I let them paired into two. Each team is given hankies of their color for easy identification. The game started with a race towards our neighbors little to retrieve the first task.

Tasks #1 to #7




And then it was time for spaghetti and cake and prizes.

The only snapshots of our adventure below. Too excited with the race that I forget to take pictures in every task 🙁 Nevertheless, everyone had fun and memories to keep 🙂


Throwing a birthday party for your little ones are now easy, thanks to inexpensive DIY party ideas. Big thanks to mommies who posted and shared their amazing race party ideas.

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