Exploring Manila Ocean Park


When you are in Manila and you tag along with you your kids, Manila Ocean Park is for you. Located across Roxas Boulevard and just in front the Luneta Park, Manila Ocean Park is a recommended place to explore freshwater and seawater creatures. My kids love water so much thus, a visit to the park is surely a good idea to get up-close and personal with the marine life.

Went there on a weekday to avoid the crowd and because its summer, we were able to avail their summer promos wherein they combined different attractions for a certain price. We chose a 580php package and that includes a visit to Oceanarium, Back of the House, Jellies Exhibit, Sea Lion Show, Sharks & Rays Dry Encounter and the Symphony Evening Show.

Arrived at the park around 10:30AM and because we still have to queue for our tickets, we were not able to watch the 11AM schedule of sea lion show, thus have to start our exploration in the Oceanarium.

The main attraction of the park which consist of the 4 sections — the Agos, the section which will greet you as you enter the oceanarium, displays fresh water animals and crocodiles; the Bahura, a dark room with lighted aquariums, thus you’ll be dazzled by the fishes with the reefs and corals as their colors are emphasized; the Laot, fishes in the deep of the ocean and the Buhay Ng karagatan, the tunnel with lots of fishes, sting rays and sharks.




We spend most of the time in the aquarium that we forgot to take our lunch. No worries though since food stalls are available inside the park, not much options to choose but enough to satiate one’s hunger. Be aware that the prices were a bit high.

After our lunch, we went to see whats inside the back of the house attraction. The noisiest room as it pumps water from the bay. This room reveals how they get water from the bay, the water filtration and oxygenation process so the marine creatures gets to enjoy the clean and safe water.



Dancing fairies indeed as we were mesmerized by the jellies as they change their color based on the lamp’s light.





The chance to touch the sting rays.



We waited for the 3PM schedule to watch the sea lion perform. The 20-minute show displayed stunning tricks of the two sea lion together with their respective trainer. Tricks like giving a big smile, a flipper wave, their ability to retrieve the lost items, their jumping skills, their dancing skills and they even kissed one of the audience. I personally admire how these animals gave us a good show, even my kids were amazed on how talented these sea lions are.



Though they are not harmed, I have mixed feelings for the sea lions which were used for peoples enjoyment. I wonder why this is allowed 🙁

We were not able to stay long to wait for the fountain show as we need to travel going down South.

– There are plenty of attractions not included in our package like the Trails to Antartica (Penguin Exhibit and Snow Village), Birds of Prey Kingdom, World or Creepy Crawlies, Fish Spa and Aquanaut. It is recommended to spend an entire day to visit all attraction.
– Foods bought outside are not allowed, though there are foods stalls inside, they are bit pricey.
– Bring camera but be aware that some areas prohibits the use the camera flash.
– Be mindful of the schedule of the show, they will not let you in when you are 5-10min late.
– Baggage counter is available inside the park.
– Enjoy 🙂

You may want to visit their site for promos — https://www.manilaoceanpark.com/

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