Having Fun at Enchanted Kingdom


Because hubby had a scheduled business trip to Manila last month, I thought to accompany him together with our kids. Its been awhile not seeing Manila again and this opportunity is a waste to disregard. It will be our 10yo’s second visit while 4yo’s first. Me, my sister and hubby with some our college classmates used to work in Laguna way back our younger years and the thought of visiting Manila and Calabarzon area again makes me feel nostalgic on fond memories with work and colleagues and friends or waking up early to catch the bus ride to work, leaving office desk the first time the bell rings to catch the first bus ride to home, malling during off-duty days or having fun and experiencing the thrills at Enchanted Kingdom.

Enchanted Kingdom is a theme park located in Santa Rosa, Laguna. I’ll name it as the happiest place in Laguna 🙂

About 15-30 minutes travel from Sto. Tomas, Batangas thru Star Toll and South Luzon Expressway. We stayed at my brother-in-law’s home in Batangas.

Aimee, my brother-in-law’s wife suggested to go after lunchtime to avoid early heat exhaustion from hot summer weather. Also, my brother-in-law offered to drop us to the park as he will head to Sucat for a meeting. Thankful that we did, since the theme park did change their schedule to open at 2PM. Ticket costs is P500 for Adult Regular Pass and P250 for Junior Pass for kids below 48in height. With the entrance cost, we get to enjoy unlimited use of park’s rides. With the cost though we were warned that there are rides that needs height requirement and our 4yo might not be able to ride on it.

The 4yo was not in the mood at first, I’m not sure if he got scared from the huge crowd and long queues outside the gate or from the wizard statue or from the warm weather or from afternoon nap.

Our first ride was the Dodgem (Bump Car). It is supposed to be mine and or 4yo’s ride but he didn’t feel better yet. Still I rode to get the feel of being young and having fun again 🙂 It is a 2-minute ride to bump anyone in your way. I got problems maneuvering the steering wheel so I get to spend half of the time figuring how to used it thus, I got bumped instead.


Our next ride is the Up, Up and Away (Ballon Ride) but it got me dizzy. Those rides which will lift you up and swing you around through the air.


I still feel dizzy that I did not have the courage to ride the Roller Skater (small roller coaster) and EKstreme Tower (a sudden drop from above) ride. But hubby, Ate Coy and our 10yo did.



Our 4yo started to enjoy the park when he saw dinosaurs and when he was able to ride the Bumper Boat and Air Pterodactyle (airplane ride) while the rest of the gang went to ride the Flying Fiesta.




Next ride is 4D Rialto — showing Rio. The show was nice and colorful. The 4yo doesn’t like getting shake on his chair or getting wet from the sprayed water, worst he doesn’t like wearing the 3D glasses. The 10yo loved the show and wants to watched it again.


Hubby and 10yo also tried the Space Shuttle (big roller coaster).


Our 4yo so want to try the Air Racer but was not allowed due to height limitation. Rider needs to secured because it is a 360 ride. Imaging being upside down from the ground. Amazing.


But settle for Jungle Log Jam.


Because they are already wet from water ride, we tried Bump N’ Splash to get wet.


We rode on Anchors Away. It is a pendulum ride. The last time I rode this, I seated in the back and it was scary. I don’t have the courage to sit at the back again thus I settled in the center but, I still feel those unbearable shakes in my tummy.


The best ride we have or rather our 4yo had was RioGrande Rapids, good thing queues are not long thus we got it enjoy the ride thrice. Happiness is when you see your kids getting excited being swayed from the water rapids or the giggles from the thrills of getting bumped and wet. It was the best for us.


After changing clothers, our 10yo and Ate Coy ask for one more ride and tried Disk-O-Magic. Its like Anchors Away plus a revolving seat but was not able to take a picture already.

Overall, it was so much fun. our 10yo and Ate Coy enjoyed the extreme rides while 4yo enjoyed the water rides.

Thank you Enchanted Kingdom for the fun and thrills. Till next time.

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