Eat At: Hash, Food + Coffee


You may want to check this new cafe, Hash, Food + Coffee, across University of San Carlos, Talamban campus.
Because the…

Is strategically located in front of the school so its ideal for lunch and snacks when the group decides to eat outside the school premise, no need to worry about traffic. Good rustic ambiance with travel photos and memorabilias displayed around the cafe. An additional sofa for tambayan is available. Also, since the cafe is a closed-door cafe, it is perfect for students who want privacy.

If you are fond of fast-food that tastes like home-cooked meals, then this is for you. For breakfast choices, they offer — Corned Beef, Bacon Cuts, Hungarian Sausage, and Tuna, which is served with rice, egg, hashbrown and iced tea. Their main dish, Pork Stroganoff or Burger Steak is also a sure treat. Appetizers and snack options are also available which can be paired with their drinks, coffee and non-caffeinated.

Prices are affordable for all students, even with limited budget.

These are what we tried so far and everyone is satisfied customer.

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Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. Just one happy customer here 🙂

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