School is Out, More Cuddles are In

So school is over and still I haven’t got a chance to look for summer classes that is closer to home… and its been 3 weeks already and the kids are getting bored.
The 4yo wants to go with me to work if not let me stay at home and not work at all. He never accepts my explanations in fact retorts back that bringing food to home is his papa’s job.
Ohh! How tempting! But with school fees increasing and loans and bills and everything seems so expensive these days, I still can’t give up this job. I know I missed a lot of my kid’s growing years but I..we can’t bear not bringing food or providing shelter or giving education for them either. So while we are blessed with these jobs as our main source of income, might as well be thankful and instead find a way to accommodate and spend quality time with our adorable kids.

When school is out, I had a chance to spend more or less 2 hours in the morning and another more or less 3 hours in the evening with the kids, plus a few minutes in between calling them if I can and ohh that is without considering those time when I check my phone or them playing on their gadgets or us watching TV. I do admire the husband who really can spare time to make a call and talk to the kids.

Thankfully, these kids still gave me hugs and kisses as I arrived home from work.
The 10yo has always something to say… stories and jokes and complaints on how her brother behaves while the 4yo likes to snuggle saying he missed me so much and that he and her ate are in dispute on some toys or on the iPad. It melt my heart when he requested me to not to go to work instead stay at home and play. How bittersweet.



But while I can have their hugs and cuddles and while they still love to snuggle beside me…
Might as well enjoy it very very well.

Mommies, enjoy that hugs and kisses from your kids, now 🙂

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