Sky Ranch Tagaytay Experience


In our short stay in Luzon, we went to see a glimpse of Tagaytay too. We just want to let the kids personally see Taal Lake and the crater which are mentioned in their Civics and Science textbooks.


We went to see Taal Lake and Volcano thru Sky Ranch Amusement Park. I had to say, this park is expensive! Entrance Fee is at Php80 and each rides has its own cost from Php50 to Php150. They don’t have entrance + ride all you can package or some sort. Considering there are plenty of rides to choose from and with 2 kids in tow, I’ll definitely end up money less!


Inside the park are gazebos for rent, green and clean ground that I like it for awhile until I realized that they used artificial grass. Maybe because the management know that real live grass cannot withstand daily footstep from everyday visitors. Nonetheless, I still don’t like the idea of using artificial grass.


We decided to ride only the famous Sky Eye — ferris wheel taller than that of Enchanted Kingdom. One loop ride cost Php150 around 8-10 min. It still is expensive but we grab it to have a chance to see the beauty if Tagaytay and Taal Lake from bird’s eye view.


Then the rest of our time were spent taking pictures or watching the beauty of the lake.



It rained for awhile and after we rested, we head back to Batangas.

Sky Ranch Tagaytay is expensive, we hoped they’ll improve the ride costs to accommodate those who have limited budget 🙂

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