Happy Father’s Day Papa Taniel


Dear Papa Taniel,

Thank you is an understatement word for all the love, dedication and perseverance you give to our kids. But this Father’s Day, I still wanna say Thank You.

For forcefully getting up from bed just to prepare their milk.

For the out of tune lullabies just so they could have a good sleep.

For lunchtime and afternoon calls to ask them on how they are doing.

For correcting the kids’ behavior and instilling in them the positive outcome.

For calmly bring them to the hospital in the wee hours to ensure their health.

For teaching them that studying and doing school works are fun and entertaining.

For sparing precious times just so you could play, sing, dance or just talk with them.

For injecting in them the advantage of delayed gratification and that NO means NO.

For being a clown and bringing laughter and joy in the house with your jokes and amusing antics.

For letting them explore the world (I mean, the neighborhood), make new friends and play with them and that a wound and an argument with friends is nothing but part of childhood.

And most of all, for reminding them to always be grateful for the goodness and everything, for good health, for guidance. For reminding them to pray everyday. I know for sure they will grow to be good kids because you are their dad and because you ask guidance from the Greater Dad above.

As I’ve told you, I’m no superwoman when it comes to parenting, but still love taking this crazy wonderful journey with you, being you as my superhero, and being my kid’s superdad. We are not yet halfway there and praying and hoping by the grace of God for more years of being together so we can create more memories with the kids and (we may have flaws but) hoping and praying we can guide them especially in their teen and adulthood years.

Thank You.

We Love You.

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