Rashes and Human Nature Baby Wash & Wonder Oil

3 months after I gave birth to my son, rashes are all over his body.
Could be because I stop breastfeeding him and was not able to adopt with the formula milk?
Could be our place due to too much dust or allergens? (Rented apartment was near highway.)
Could be his shampoo or the laundry soap used in washing his clothes? or soap for his bottles?
We just don’t know the reasons.


Whatever it is, these rashes took us multiple trips to his Pedia, Dra. Myrna Lopez, an advocate to natural healing and healthy lifestyle.
She recommended breastfeeding but its just that my boobs are not cooperating 🙁 so we tried different types of formula milk.
She recommended general house cleaning. She also advised us to avoid stuff toys.
She even ask us to change our laundry soap to the mildest possible type of soap as well as the soap for infant formula bottles.
If you are formula feeding, you may want to check out Kokopax for their Infant Bottle Reviews.
She also recommended change of baby soap and shampoo and initially advised to use Cetaphil.

Cetaphil Skin Cleanser has a mild formulation that soothes skin as it cleans. Since it is mild, I assume it is gentle for a baby’s delicate skin.

Well, I see improvements.
But as much as we want to continue using the product, we just can’t.
Afraid that my baby might get used to the product in exchange of an empty wallet is impractical.
Because, we just can’t afford.

Hearing our concerns, Dra. Myrna Lopez, recommended Human Nature Natural Baby Wash and Wonder Oil.

According to Human Nature, this baby wash is 100% free from harmful chemicals to give mommies and daddies that peace of mind that only goodness touches the baby’s skin. It gently cleanses the baby’s skin and hair with soothing and calming lavender, rosemary, and chamomile extracts. It’s dermatologist- tested so it’s gentle enough to use even on a newborn’s delicate skin. While the Natural Baby Oil uses pure, premium-grade sunflower oil that’s perfectly safe and mild for your baby. Also ideal to infant massage, a few moisturizing drops of this wonder oil can help soothe itchiness.

Photo Credits: Human Nature


Photo Credits: Human Nature

And it did wonders!
Moreover, we need not to worry on our budget since these products are affordable.

And it has been 6 years and we are still using Human Nature Baby Wash and Wonder Oil.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post, just one happy mommy here.

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