Flood and Fire

Monday, January 16, 2017.
Northern Mindanao was greatly affected by flood due to heavy rain brought by LPA (Low Pressure Area) and tail-end of the cold front.

I was born and raised at Cagayan de Oro City. We live near that school which became famous for its wait-deep flood and stranded students. That school is my Alma Mater. That school is MPSC, MUST and now USTP. During my high school days, I like when it rains because there is a possibility for classes to be suspended due to classroom flooding. Our classrooms were a foot below the ground level since it is located below the school’s gymnasium, thus the water easily gets in.

Our house is just a minute walk from my school but that doesn’t mean that our place gets affected from the school’s flood. There maybe flood in the neighborhood, but not inside our house.

Then there’s flood control implementation — the school elevated their school grounds, the main highway is also elevated and the creek is modified. Lim Ket Kai mall which is in front of the school made some changes as well, you know — urbanization, modernization.

For some reason, last January 16, 2017, flood finds its new path to our place, in our house which have caused a waits-deep flood. The main highway flood is also deep enough to submerged a 4×4 pick-up thus causing students and other commuters to be stranded. That was only a 2-3 hours heavy rain. This is something the community of Cagayan de Oro City should be to be alarmed with. Remember Typhoon Sendong last 2011? Had the local government done something then to prevent another disaster? Hope for more improvements, CDO!


Photo Credits: Catherine Heruela via Dodong Tipoy http://www.cdodev.com/

Wednesday, January 18, 2017.
Another heartbreaking news we received early in the morning. I called my father to ask about the flood updates in our house and instead of talking about flood, he told me about fire. My brother-in-law’s house was caught on fire, burned down everything. All consumed.

Worst, this is the my sister’s second fire experience. Personal belongings and stuffs gone the second time. This time, the livelihood of my brother-in-law’s mom has nothing left as her 20 computer set vanished in a matter of hours.

The greatest comfort from the news was that my sister, brother-in-law, niece and all the family members are safe and alive. Thankful that nobody was hurt.


Photo Credits: Omar Jensen Garcia

Your generosity will be very much appreciated if you have extras.
Clothes for 1 yr old baby and for 3 yr toddler is a big help.
Text or Call 0917 623 2712 for details.

Unfortunate events either break or make you:
It may break the family’s planned vacation yet make your family’s bond stronger;
It may break your heart for the lost possessions, yet make you appreciate compassion from everyone’s help.
It may break you or overwhelm you from the challenges, yet make your faith stronger, closer to Him and learn to let go.

Praying for my sister, brother-in-law and family for strength despite the sadness, to be able to smile even if its hurting, to be able to get up and start again even if it feels like quitting.

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