New Home over Vow Renewal


Last year was our 10th year anniversary of being married. Can you believe it? Seems like yesterday?

Being sentimental, I asked for a renewal of wedding vow ceremony as a way of thanksgiving. You know, being thankful for the 10 years of togetherness, patience and the decision to still stay in love and that despite our differences, we choose to stick with each other and let God guide us.
I ask to wear again my wedding dress after 10 years.
I ask for a ceremony in front of our family and close friends.
I ask for wedding photo shoot since we were not able to try it 10 years ago.
I ask for a new wedding ring since ours are already big for our middle finger. Yep, we didn’t earn extra pounds, instead we lost some!
Too fancy isn’t it?
Yeah! I think it is!
And a not so practical to those with limited budget.

My hubby is not into it.
He has other things in mind.
And a much more practical!

Yep, we don’t have the luxury to spend on this renewal of vow ceremony.
He is too occupied of thinking ways how to save for the future. He thought he had enough paying house rents cause its “sayang” (waste) expense.
He thought it is time to have a home of our own.

Why not?
With the kid’s increasing school expenses, sooner or later we might not be able to meet the demands considering we don’t have educational savings yet. Plus, being a corporate slave is not so secure either. We may have jobs today and can bring foods to our table but we are not so sure for tomorrow. Just last year, there was an announcement that our company is seeking strategic alternative and is for sale.

And God laid everything us.
5 years ago, we were able to purchase a lot from a low-end subdivision just outside the city yet near to a school we plan to enroll our kids on their primary years. Its has a 0% interest scheme as long as it will be paid within 5 years. A year after the purchase, hubby was affected by the company’s Work Reduction Program. He was one of those retrenched. It really was a surprise and we worry because we don’t have savings or emergency funds. Good thing a severance pay was given and he’s been keeping the compensation for the better use. 2 months after, he was blessed with a new job though not as the same as his previous company but enough to meet our daily expenses.
Last year, the subdivision’s developer completed its road and drainage installation. With our parent’s prodding too, hubby thought it may be time to invest in building our own house. He prayed. We may have limited budget but setting it one step at time, we took the risk.

It has been a month in this new home.
Its not yet fully complete but we can managed living on it.
We run out of finances but by God’s grace, we know we can make it through.

I asked for a renewal of wedding vow.
Hubby give a new home for the whole family.
Carefully planned by Almighty and of course by His grace.

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