My Mom and Her Tupperwares


My mom was once a waitress to Hotel Mindanao, famous hotel in Northern Mindanao in the 1970s. But for some reason, business did not do well that the hotel had to close. She became a stay-at-home mom taking care of her 1 kid, which eventually became 6 mischievous kids.
With dad having no stable work at that time, my mom had to help like selling pancakes, fried bananas or fruits. She also became a member of Tupperware in hope of earning more.
Because she believes the product’s durability, in some cases, she had to double the work to avail freebies and of course get to enjoy the products as well. We didn’t have much in our house, we only have the essentials, so having some of Tupperware products was considered a luxury – my mom’s priced possession. There were those days that we are proud carrying our packed lunches with those colorful Tupperwares (even if it contains much rice than the viand :))

But an unfortunate event happened in 1991, our house was burned to the ground and it includes my mom’s reliable Tupperware stuffs.

While coping up with the incident, she slowly purchased again the ever dependable Tupperwares and one of those is the classic Salad Bowl – her ever durable and reliable partner.

This classic Salad Bowl is always present in all family occasions. Dishes like spaghetti, fruit salad, mango-tapioca were serve in this bowl. Not only during special occasions but also during preparation time for her small eatery. Nowadays, there are tons of  options to choose when purchasing food containers, still mom prefers these Tupperwares.
For her, they are indeed tough and dependable.

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NOTE: This is an entry to the Tupperware and Mommy Bloggers Philippine’s “Tupperware@50 Share Your Fondest Tupperware Memory Blog Contest”.


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