DIY: Rey and StormTrooper Costume


Last Thursday, we were invited by McDonald’s Grand Halloween Family Fun Day last October 22, 2016. This invitation gives me reason to dress up the kids for this year’s halloween :). However, dressing up as witches, vampires, white ladies or ghost is not on my list when I ask the kids about their costume. I personally don’t like scary stuff. Thankfully, the son still has the feels for Star Wars that he likes to dress up as StormTrooper. The daughter wants join the fun and decided to be Rey of Star Wars – The Force Awaken thus our theme for McDonald’s Grand Halloween Family Fun Day.

However, perfecting this Rey costume within a limited time would be impossible, plus, StormTooper onesies is way too expensive.

starwars_rey-stormtrooperPhoto credits:

So, we thought of doing DYIing 🙂

Making our Rey:

  • Hair: Though we were able to make only 2 buns since my daughter’s hair is not that thick. This I find it cute 🙂
  • Shirt: Plain white or beige sleveless top will do.
  • Pants: She does not have capri sweat pants so we just have to used her light gray pants and pushed up to the knee.
  • Arm Bands: Un-used white socks will do. Cut the toe’s part of the socks so the hands can pass through.
  • Drapes and Belt: I bought 1.5 meter of light brown chiffon cloth. Cut it in half, then one of the half was cut again into half to form 2 strips to drape in her body to form an X. The remaining half of the cloth is used to wrap around her stomach and used as a belt.
  • Shoes: We don’t have boots to so we use ordinary sneakers.
  • Bag and Staff: No time to make one.

Making our StormTooper:

  • Shirt: White polo shirt will do.
  • Pants: No, we don’t have white long pants but we have white shorts.
  • Mask: This I had to buy.
  • StormTrooper Gun: We have toy machine gun but for some reason we can’t locate it at the time of the event. Small toy gun will do.


Again, big “Thank You” to McDonalds Philippines, Ross of EON and Mommy Bloggers Philippines for the invitation.

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