Inside Dreamworks’ Dreamplay At City of Dreams Manila


With the nice building architecture and with those shining golden strips, City of Dreams Manila will surely get anybody’s attention. Wikipedia states that the place is a luxury integrated resort and casino complex located within the Entertainment City of Manila. One of the building displays the huge DreamPlay signage with Shrek on it which obviously attracts little people like my kids. This luxury entertainment building not only have amusement for adults but also offer for kids — DreamPlay by DreamWorks. Since the place is located on our way to airport’s Terminal 4, we decided to check the place while waiting for our flight going home. We were very grateful that the husband tag us along on his business trip in Manila.

DreamPlay is a DreamWorks movie-inspired interactive entertainment that offers Play, Create and Learn as their slogan suggest. Activities are influenced by the three DreamWorks movie – Shrek, KungFu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon.

The site indicates:
Weekend/Holiday Rates:
4 hours – P880 for children, P400 for adults
2 hours – P600 for children, P330 for adults
Hourly extensions: P300 for children, P150 for adults
Day rate: 1500 for children, P680 for adults
Toddlers two to 4 years old: P100, flat rate

Weekday Rates:
4 hours – P680 for children, P300 for adults
2 hours – P480 for children, P260 for adults
Hourly extension: P250 for children, P120 for adults
Day rates: P1200 for children, P350 for adults
Toddlers two to 4 years old: P50, flat rate


However, we had to pay 880 for all the four of us on a Monday afternoon even if we plan to avail the 2 hours stay only. Reason? Peak Season! Initial fix rate for both kids and guardians at P880 fix rate! — promise! sakit sa bulsa!

Anyways, with the thought it might take the family awhile to go back and visit Manila again and we were already at the DreamPlay and to avoid ending the vacation with a disappointment, we gave in… for the kids, for the kids in us, for this moment 🙂

So here are our photos on what we did while inside DreamPlay and you’ll be the judge if its worth the pay 🙂

Shrek’s Swamp Stomp
Walk across the rope bridges. See what’s inside Shrek’s house.



Cooking with Gingy
Learn to bake and decorate their own gingerbread man. While the eldest had a feast on her creation, the youngest just took a small bite the give the rest to me. He’s more excited to try another adventure.



How to Fly Your Dragon
Get inside the dragon’s mouth and climb up to the top and slide on their way down.




Whatever Floats Your Boat
Build your own boat (that floats) and watch as it sails in down the river.


Afro Circus
Play soft balls

Create their own animation but I doubt if the youngest enjoy it considering he doesn’t know how to play with the monitor compared with the eldest who can read. This is nice, this can encourage kids to become future movie makers.

Kung Fu Fighting
Train to become a Kung Fu master

(We were not able to get photos here)

Have a race in the DinoTrux


Wall of Destiny
Test their climbing skills at the wall of destiny.



Thread of Enlightenment
Face the obstacles challenge





Wear pants / leggings or long sleeves as the place is so cold, besides plays and activities are interactive.
There are sessions with pre-defined schedules. You may check this first to maximize your time.
Bring extra money, prices set in their website may change without prior notice.

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