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Last June 19, third Sunday of the Month, children around the world greet their dads and treat them with super special care, said their heartfelt gratitude and i-love-yous. It is the day sons and daughters recognize the hardwork, perseverance, care and love of their superheroes, their superdad.

Our company’s Family Welfare Committee decided not to let June pass without giving dads in the office a chance to gather around. Cool enough, this 2-hour gathering let the dads (and moms too) hear parenting talk, showcase dad’s stuff and just get together.

Since I was not able to attend last months gathering of moms, also hosted by the same committee, I did went with the dads from my team (just to get some popcorns and snacks..sshhh 🙂 Thankful for those popcorn cravings as I was able to hear Mr. Randy Cabahug’s talk and his perspective of dad being a superhero. I like that somehow there is a connection and somehow make everyone realize that we are heroes in our own little way.

The Incredibles


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Mr Incredible – the partriarch of the family having super strengths
Elastigirl – the mom with the ability to stretch her body
Daughter – becomes invisible and can generate force shield
Son – possessses super speed
Baby – who’s yet to discover his ability

In a typical family, dad is always portrayed to handle things that needs strength – open a tight closed jar, carry the gas stove tank, fix the roof’s leaking while mom is flexible to have everything covered – prepare the kids lunch meals while ensuring breakfast is already in place, she knows everything in its place. Teens in a family like to have some privacy and at the same protect the family from bullies, aloof from everyone yet one wrong rumor and expect the fury; and then there is always that hyperactive kids in the house. The Incredibles fight the villains together promoting closeness or companionship like eating meals together or praying together.

Captain Marvel


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Alter ego of a boy who, by saying the magic word Shazam, can transform him into a superhuman based on the abilities in six ancient heroes as what each of the letters in the word Shazam mean. Children would love that their daddies have these abilities.

These are:
S – Wisdom of Solomon
H – Strength of Hercules
A – Stamina of Atlas
Z – Power of Zeus
A – Courage of Achilles
M – Speed of Mercury

Now I know dads are referred as the pillars of the home.
According to Mr. Randy, research shows that when dad reads to his daughter everyday until 2 yrs of age will definitely love Math while when dad reads to his son everyday until 2 yrs of age will improve his verbal development. I wonder what’s the correlation?



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Professor X, the coach and also the mentor. No need explanation here 🙂

Fantastic Four


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Just as Mr. Fantastic can’t defeat Doom alone, he needs the Human Torch, the Invinsible Woman and Grimm and so is every member of the F4 team. It makes four to be fantastic, it makes four to triumph. So are dads, he needs the 4 Fs too — Faith, Family, Friends, Foundation.



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I learned from that talk that the Avengers was influenced by group of Jewish who survived the Holocaust and that these survivors group themselves with the aim of avenging their family. Well, Marvel’s Avengers is a group of superheroes with the aim of saving humanity from bad guys. Though different goals, the key word here is “assemble” — the capability to group themselves. Mommies, its okey for dads to go out and had fun with other dads. Fleeting impact to know that dads are not alone (so are moms).

This gathering through our company’ is surely helpful to let dads of all kind meet, bond and talk. Amazing, isn’t it?


There you have it. So the next time you watched superhero movies. Bear in mind that you have that S in your chest too… just waiting to unleash!

Thank you Family Welfare Committee.

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