Creating a Garden for the Whole Family

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If you’re lucky enough to have a garden space, you really should make the most of it. Sitting outdoors, breathing in fresh air, appreciating nature and perhaps getting a little gentle exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body and it’s even better for your kids, which is why it is important to create a garden space that the whole family can enjoy.

Want to spend more family time outdoors? Here are some simple tips for creating a fun and relaxing family garden:

Create Multiple Areas

Kids will be kids which means that, given a chance, they’ll trample your flowers as they chase butterflies, kick balls at your best plants and generally have a messy-fun time in the garden. That’s fine – they’re kids, and they should be allowed to have fun exploring outside – but it probably won’t be much fun for you if you’re trying to relax and catch some sun. That’s why it’s a good idea to create multiple areas in your garden. You can have a patio area, with barbecue and furniture for parties, a relaxation area with pretty flowers, and a play area where the kids can cause as much destruction as they want without harming anyone else.

Add Safety Features

It is as, if not more, important, to make your garden safe as it is to childproof your home. So, if you have a pond, go to the pond supplies section and buy fine mesh to cover the water over, erect a fence that is safe and will keep the kids in the garden, use natural pesticides and generally do what you can to make your garden as child-friendly as possible. Accidents can and will happen, but if you’ve done all you can to mitigate dangers, they’re much less likely to happen to you.

Make it Soft

When kids are running around, they will fall over, which is why you will want to ensure that they are able to break their fall with something soft. If you want your garden to be safe for the kids and look pretty for you, lawn is the obvious choice, but there are alternatives like soft wood chips, which can work just as well.

Hang Birdfeeders

If you love birds and you want to encourage your children to enjoy nature too, be sure to hang bird feeders around your garden. Ideally, you should hang them on a high pole, so that they don’t also attract less welcome guests, and you should put down a lot of seating so you can all gather round and watch the birds do their thing.

Keep Mature Trees

If you have one or more mature trees in your garden, don’t get rid of them. They give your garden some gravitas, and as you will probably know, the average child loves to climb trees, create swings and get mommy or daddy to build them their very own treehouse where they can hang out giving you some peace and quiet – for a while.

Have you created a family-friendly garden? What are your top tips for doing the job well?

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