7 Easy and Healthy Summer Snack Ideas For Kids

With the warmer weather just around the corner, it can lead to a change in what we want to eat and snack on. Hearty and hot stews or soups are the last things that we want to reach for when it is warm outside, right? So it often leads to craving fresh salads or chilled pasta dishes. But when you’ve got younger children, it can be hard to know what to feed them. I don’t know about you, but it is tricky to get little ones to eat a salad, as they just see it as a bowl full of leaves. But there are plenty of options, especially when it comes to snacking, for kids in the summer. Here are some ideas to give you some inspiration if you struggle with what to give them too.

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Fruit Necklaces:
Using some string or wire, get your kids to thread on some strawberries and grapes. Then they can have some fun making a ‘necklace’ that they get to enjoy eating afterward. Tasty, refreshing, and fun.

Watermelon Pops:
Watermelon is so good for us as it is made from mostly water, as the name suggests. It can be tricky to eat, though. So for little children, slicing some pieces up into triangles is a good idea. Then using a lollipop stick, insert that in the rind, and you’ve made eating a watermelon a whole lot more fun.

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Apple Nachos:
To make eating apples more fun, slice them up into chunks and display on a large plate or platter. Then drizzle with some chocolate or caramel sauce. Then they can enjoy a fun plate of ‘nachos’ to share. Way more refreshing in summer than the corn chip kind.

Rainbow Smoothie Popsicle:
In summer there is nothing better than a popsicle. And for kids, I don’t think there is much better than having one that is in rainbow colors! You’ll need to mix up a few different smoothies so that you can get the colorful effect. A strawberry and banana smoothie for the red layer, a spinach, apple and kiwi one for the green layer, and a blueberry and raspberry one for the purple layer, for example. Using homemade popsicle holders, layer up the smoothies and then put in the lids or sticks. Freeze until set and then enjoy out in the sun. Healthy and refreshing, with no added sugar in sight.

Shaved Ice:
If you want something fun and cooling in summer for your kids, then Hawaiian shaved ice is always a good idea. You might have a shaved ice stand near you, or you could make your own. The good news is you just need ice (water) and then some syrups. So it is really easy to make.

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Frozen Grapesicles:
Instead of a traditional popsicle to enjoy outside, you could choose a healthier version using grapes. Thread grapes onto long popsicle sticks and then freeze. They make a crunchy but refreshing treat when it is warm outside.

Banana Ice Cream:
If your kids don’t eat dairy or you just want to give them something a little healthier, then make your own banana ice cream; all you need is bananas! Peel and chop several bananas up and then freeze them. Once set, blend in a food processor until you have a creamy ice cream texture.

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