Welcoming Year 2017 with no HouseHelp


Happy New Year Everyone.

Its already 2nd week of January since we welcome year 2017 with a big bang and cheerfulness. First time to celebrate new year in our new house. First time to celebrate new year at a distant from our families in our hometown. Its kind of “mingaw” or lonely but at same time proud for this achievement.

We are back to the daily grind and this time without a house help/yaya.

We survived the two weeks. Yet tiring.

Our house help/yaya decided not to stop working as per her husband’s advice. Her supposed replacement didn’t show up. Last week, the husband and I had to take turns attending to our kids. This week, I am thankful for neighbors. We are blessed to have good neighbors that offer help. So, apart from our neighbors watching over the kids after school hours while we are still at work, me and husband shared the house chores.

House chores are not new to me. However, when you were used to have someone do the chores for you, it definitely has an effect.

Growing up, we didn’t have a house help and together with my siblings, we do the mundane tasks at home. There are still chores to carry out when I decided to work miles from home. But as a yuppie, you get used to sleeping late, waking-up late and decided to eat breakfast at work, overtimes, piled-up laundry, going home late — meaning you get to perform those chores…on a later time. Then we have weekends that were spent sleeping or malling — not minding the chores.

When I had my eldest, I didn’t quit my job for financial reasons. Aside from the fact that work helps us pay the bills, for food and house expense, it is of great comfort that the our works suits or likes and passion. Try Online Resume Builder to help you create an excellent resume now. Anyways, because of work, we hired a nanny and even though her focus is to take care of my baby, she also takes care of us. This time less chores.

But now, with no house help, we do the chores!

Having no house help may be a good thing as it teaches me to become what a wife and mommy at home really is. My kids get to learn house chores as well as taking accountability of the assigned tasks.

While we can’t afford to let go of my work (job) yet and while the neighbors are still willing to help us, might as well embrace this opportunity to personally do the house works.

Honestly, it drains me. While chores are done and the kids are at school, we had to prepare for work. When you want to rest from 9-10 hours work and traffic, you think twice since you can’t just yet coz there are still homework and chores to finish before you go to sleep.

It is fulfilling, yet exhausting.

Anyways, let’s see… but for now, got to go, need to sleep as I still have to wake-up early tomorrow.

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