Its been a month that its just me and the kids, though not literally just the three of us coz with us is my kid’s yaya, also, since the house is not fully finished, we requested my dad to stay with us for awhile. What I mean is that the husband is on business trip for a month and yeah… its a long distance relationship situation of me and kids with their dad.

As of this writing I realized that I am not good at anything, that I miss the husband and that there are many things that needs to be done at home. My husband is good in dealing with the kids, he’s our kitchen master and the family’s financial manager and he drives.

Woke-up early this morning to make breakfast, thankful our yaya helps me with it.

Still had to bathe the youngest while the eldest can manage to bathe herself.

Then, we had to be sure breakfast is available after their morning bath. Preparing breakfast meal is also tough as my youngest is a picky eater. Just to speed things up, I sometimes feed him with processed foods. These processed foods however affects my eldest who has hyper-acidic tummy. Tough for me 🙂

As soon as they are ready for school, had prepare myself for work as well, I commute my way to the office and if possible able to travel during “truck ban” hours because of heavy traffic.

And during office’s break period, had to make my way the grocery store – thankful that the company allows lunch breaks outside the office.

Then had to go home early since the kids doesn’t sleep without me — this I don’t mind since this a chance for me to ask about how their day turn out, homeworks, story-telling session, pray together too.


In this short “Long Distance Relationship” moment, these are my realizations:

High Regard on Single Parents
– Amazing they were able to juggle two roles as dad and mom, everyday. A great responsibility that single parents manage to carry on.

Communication is at Risk
– During the past four weeks, I’m too busy checking my phone in the morning and too tired to look through it especially when the lights are out at night. An exchange of pleasantries may not be enough but I am reminded that I am not just a parent but also a wife and the husband is also alone on the other side of the world waiting for a our greetings and newly uploaded photo from me and my kids.

Too Much Dependency means Missed Opportunities
– I missed lot of after-work events because I’m not comfortable going home late alone. I missed the get-together with friends at Handuraw. We missed the birthday party of my friend’s son because I’m not comfortable bringing the kids on a commute ride on a very hot weather (its a 4-ride commute on a jeep or 1-ride thru taxi). Want to try the new cafe somewhere in Banilad or thought of putting new shelves inside my youngest’s bedroom but I need the husbands approval. Petty things, right? There is always a risk, right? Explore and have fun, right? These I need to learn to handle.
Ranilo and family, Promise I’ll make it up to you!

It takes Two to Couple
– While its good to have my Me time, its much better to have that Me time with your significant other. And I honestly don’t know what I am good at because I need him that time when I don’t know how to discipline the youngest for the same mistake he committed, I need him when the eldest ask about her Math assignments, when I run out of ideas on what to have for breakfast, snacks and dinner. The youngest requested for a piggy ride last Sunday and I can’t even give him. They miss their funny clown papa too 🙂 I need him to spoil me and argue with and be easy with me and my lame ideas.

Hahaha… so much drama! Well, few more days and he’s home, weeeh!

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