Kid’s Weekday Schedule

Hi everyone, sharing with you our kid’s daily schedule of chores / activities  to keep them “busy” during this quarantine period.

The first few weeks of the quarantine period was a slack, kids can do what they want – watch TV or play with phones or get busy with Lego blocks. It was fun for sometime until they got bored. We encourage them to read books but its a challenge for our 8 year old. This kid rather scan and look the pictures than the words and would declare done with his reading in less than 30 mins. Sometimes, we gave them their workbooks and told them to answer the exercises. But then, I can’t concentrate with work since they constantly ask questions and clarifications. Worst, they sometimes get frustrated when I fail to answer their queries as I’m too busy with my laptop.

So to keep them busy while we are busy with work, I created a guide of activities that they could follow. So far they kinda acknowledge it follow the schedule.

Kid’s Weekly Schedule PDF [Free Download]

Mommy After Work - Kids Schedule at Home

Hope this help 🙂

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