Hello 2016


Happy New Year!

Before January 2016 ends and I know its already late but its never too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope by God’s grace that everyone will have a blessed 2016 ahead of us.

I’m excited for this year and I’m inviting positivity 🙂

For starters, January 2016 is already been a busy month for us. Its more than halfway and I still haven’t got a chance to get back on track with blogging. Last year I purchased this new domain. As a way to improve my blogging stint, Mommy After Work (lotusshiella.com) is created yet I’m not yet done setting it up. Also, I’m still weighing things if I have to let Balot’s Chatter go or maintain both blogs.

Then there’s decluttering and packing. Come moving day and it still was not completed thus have no choice but to pack those unsorted stuffs and decide to sort it out later. We moved to a new home we now call our own. Its been 4 days in this new home already but some of our stuffs are still in the boxes. TV are not yet setup. No Internet connection yet! Globe personnel are so slow 🙁 Ssshhh! And because of it,  had to make this post here in the office, good thing sprint demo is already done. Still figuring the interior’s arrangements (char!) We only have minimal furniture so I guess it would not be a problem.

Then there’s work, been busy lately too. Need to complete tasks before deadlines, there’s organization re-structuring and transitions and new strategies plus an advise to double time for career development’s improvement. Busy, huh!

Kiddo’s third trimester exam is fast approaching and we haven’t started reviewing yet.

And the year has just started.

No problem being busy as long as its worth being busy with it… and find joy with it too.
Again! Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a Happy Prosperous New Year!

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