When decluttering becomes difficult

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I am a hoarder. I think. I have a heap of stuffs tucked in one room. These stuffs according to the husband are trashes and consume much space, I, on the other hand, considered these items of sentimental value. I haven’t got the chance to sort these out and because I’m afraid to might throw something of value, I just have to let these stuffs sit and sleep for awhile. But then, the husband is already complaining because the room’s content for him is an eyesore. Call me over dramatic but I just can’t throw the artworks of my daughter or the test papers of my son. Those kindergarten handwriting or the wedding souvenirs or the toys they played when they were younger. I just can’t let go, not now! In fact, I’m in nostalgia already!

If you’re a hoarder and being pushed to clean up and encounter some anxiety issues during the de-cluttering process, here are some tips that can might help you.

One location for all stuffs
Yes, you need to at least provide boxes for your stuffs. Label for easy identification. You can even categorize them if you want. What I want to emphasize is to put all your storage boxes and things in one location or room. Thankfully for me, we have a spare room for all my stuffs. As long as the door is closed, I’m still safe from the husband. And yes, these items do really take a lot of space so I yep, I hear you, need to work on this as soon as possible.

Sort one at a time
Thankful for weekends as it gives myself an opportunity to check one storage box for sorting at a time. Cleaning up my stuff for a day is not possible. There are weekends that I can’t check the room and sometimes I do feel lazy just by the looking at the boxes. The husband though constantly remind me to clean the storage room. If I have an opportunity to declutter, I just assess the item as either as “I keep it” or “I throw it”. If I still have doubts, I put them on “I keep it” box and assess it again .

Seek help
If you are no longer hesitant to get rid your stuffs, you can hire a home cleaning service. They don’t consider sentimentality on each item thus easier for them to make your home spic and span.

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