SM City Cebu Princess Academy


Every daughter is every parent’s princess, and more precious specially if she’s the only daughter. I’m not talking about princesses in the British Royal Family having special privileges nor about Disney princesses, with beautiful gowns and royal parties and wherein the princess’s story ends up with happily ever after. This is about how parents are extra careful, much pampering and overflowing love to their daughter, their “princess”. When we received an invitation about SM City Cebu’s Princess Academy, I thought I will let my daughter join and get the feel of what a “princess” is.

Thanks so much Naomi of Jugs and Pugs for the invite.

Last November 13, 2016, SM City Cebu’s North Wing turned out to be a beautiful banquet as SM Kids and SM Accessories held its Princess Academy. Pretty little girls in their lovely gowns filled-up the area. My daughter, at last minute, became hesitant and almost changed her mind as she felt out of place with her casual dress. I was able to convince her that SM City Cebu’s Princess Academy is not about beautiful dresses… though, it really adds to the event’s elegance, ​blame it to the mom who lacks creativity. I resent myself for not being prepared and I love stage moms who dressed their little girls for the event. Little princesses were all lovely in their beautiful princess gowns, congrats to you mommies :)






At SM City Cebu’s Princess Academy, little girls were taught to greet friends, to sit, to stand and to walk properly, with confidence like a princess. During their tea party, they were also taught to use the utensils properly and table manners.

It was indeed a grand event for both kids and parents who joined the event. My daughter was glad she joined and learned how to properly eat cookies and doughnuts like a real princess :)

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McDonald’s Grand Halloween Family Fun Day 2016

Surely McDonald’s Philippines knows how to make every member of the family happy as they celebrated McDonald’s Grand Halloween Family Fun Day last October 22, 2016. Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Jhanis, the MissusV, invited me and my family for this event. We were able to join the morning slot. Believe me, I initially thought it was just an in-store small event but I had no idea that it was that grandiose like occupying the whole activity area of J Center Mall’s 3rd floor. We were was not able to join last year’s event so it was a surprise. This is the second time McDonald’s Philippines hosted Halloween event here in Cebu.


We were busy preparing for my kid’s “costume” in the morning and in a hurry that we forgot to bring our orange pumpkin. Good thing that kids who signed up received their cape, pumpkin bag, and a hat to complete their overall Halloween look! They also enjoyed their 1PC Chicken McDo Happy Meal. My son was excited when he received the green toy car. He loves cars by the way.




The whole family bonded over exciting activities such as the Magical Kingdom Show and played games in booth fondly named “Pretty in Paint,” “Mr. Bouncy Pumpkin,” “Fix Mr. Skeleton,” Eye Can Shoot,” Minute to Win it,” “Pumpkin Relay,” and “Tic Tac Toe.”
The Grand Halloween Family Fun Day is McDonald’s way of promoting children’s well-being through fun and enriching activities that trigger their creativity and sense of play, and help them make new friends.

Great news for Manila Mommies and Daddies :)
This year also marks the first time that the Grand Halloween Family Fun Day will happen in Manila. On October 29, 2016, kids and kids-at-heart are welcome to join the activity at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. There will be three sessions to accommodate participants: 8AM-11AM, 12PM-3PM, and 4PM-7PM.

DIY: Rey and StormTrooper Costume


Last Thursday, we were invited by McDonald’s Grand Halloween Family Fun Day last October 22, 2016. This invitation gives me reason to dress up the kids for this year’s halloween :). However, dressing up as witches, vampires, white ladies or ghost is not on my list when I ask the kids about their costume. I personally don’t like scary stuff. Thankfully, the son still has the feels for Star Wars that he likes to dress up as StormTrooper. The daughter wants join the fun and decided to be Rey of Star Wars – The Force Awaken thus our theme for McDonald’s Grand Halloween Family Fun Day.

However, perfecting this Rey costume within a limited time would be impossible, plus, StormTooper onesies is way too expensive.

starwars_rey-stormtrooperPhoto credits:

So, we thought of doing DYIing :)

Making our Rey:

  • Hair: Though we were able to make only 2 buns since my daughter’s hair is not that thick. This I find it cute :)
  • Shirt: Plain white or beige sleveless top will do.
  • Pants: She does not have capri sweat pants so we just have to used her light gray pants and pushed up to the knee.
  • Arm Bands: Un-used white socks will do. Cut the toe’s part of the socks so the hands can pass through.
  • Drapes and Belt: I bought 1.5 meter of light brown chiffon cloth. Cut it in half, then one of the half was cut again into half to form 2 strips to drape in her body to form an X. The remaining half of the cloth is used to wrap around her stomach and used as a belt.
  • Shoes: We don’t have boots to so we use ordinary sneakers.
  • Bag and Staff: No time to make one.

Making our StormTooper:

  • Shirt: White polo shirt will do.
  • Pants: No, we don’t have white long pants but we have white shorts.
  • Mask: This I had to buy.
  • StormTrooper Gun: We have toy machine gun but for some reason we can’t locate it at the time of the event. Small toy gun will do.


Again, big “Thank You” to McDonalds Philippines, Ross of EON and Mommy Bloggers Philippines for the invitation.

Awesome Dads Assemble


Last June 19, third Sunday of the Month, children around the world greet their dads and treat them with super special care, said their heartfelt gratitude and i-love-yous. It is the day sons and daughters recognize the hardwork, perseverance, care and love of their superheroes, their superdad.

Our company’s Family Welfare Committee decided not to let June pass without giving dads in the office a chance to gather around. Cool enough, this 2-hour gathering let the dads (and moms too) hear parenting talk, showcase dad’s stuff and just get together.

Since I was not able to attend last months gathering of moms, also hosted by the same committee, I did went with the dads from my team (just to get some popcorns and snacks..sshhh :) Thankful for those popcorn cravings as I was able to hear Mr. Randy Cabahug’s talk and his perspective of dad being a superhero. I like that somehow there is a connection and somehow make everyone realize that we are heroes in our own little way.

The Incredibles


Photo Credits
Mr Incredible – the partriarch of the family having super strengths
Elastigirl – the mom with the ability to stretch her body
Daughter – becomes invisible and can generate force shield
Son – possessses super speed
Baby – who’s yet to discover his ability

In a typical family, dad is always portrayed to handle things that needs strength – open a tight closed jar, carry the gas stove tank, fix the roof’s leaking while mom is flexible to have everything covered – prepare the kids lunch meals while ensuring breakfast is already in place, she knows everything in its place. Teens in a family like to have some privacy and at the same protect the family from bullies, aloof from everyone yet one wrong rumor and expect the fury; and then there is always that hyperactive kids in the house. The Incredibles fight the villains together promoting closeness or companionship like eating meals together or praying together.

Captain Marvel


Photo Credits

Alter ego of a boy who, by saying the magic word Shazam, can transform him into a superhuman based on the abilities in six ancient heroes as what each of the letters in the word Shazam mean. Children would love that their daddies have these abilities.

These are:
S – Wisdom of Solomon
H – Strength of Hercules
A – Stamina of Atlas
Z – Power of Zeus
A – Courage of Achilles
M – Speed of Mercury

Now I know dads are referred as the pillars of the home.
According to Mr. Randy, research shows that when dad reads to his daughter everyday until 2 yrs of age will definitely love Math while when dad reads to his son everyday until 2 yrs of age will improve his verbal development. I wonder what’s the correlation?



Photo Credits

Professor X, the coach and also the mentor. No need explanation here :)

Fantastic Four


Photo Credits

Just as Mr. Fantastic can’t defeat Doom alone, he needs the Human Torch, the Invinsible Woman and Grimm and so is every member of the F4 team. It makes four to be fantastic, it makes four to triumph. So are dads, he needs the 4 Fs too — Faith, Family, Friends, Foundation.



Photo Credits

I learned from that talk that the Avengers was influenced by group of Jewish who survived the Holocaust and that these survivors group themselves with the aim of avenging their family. Well, Marvel’s Avengers is a group of superheroes with the aim of saving humanity from bad guys. Though different goals, the key word here is “assemble” — the capability to group themselves. Mommies, its okey for dads to go out and had fun with other dads. Fleeting impact to know that dads are not alone (so are moms).

This gathering through our company’ is surely helpful to let dads of all kind meet, bond and talk. Amazing, isn’t it?


There you have it. So the next time you watched superhero movies. Bear in mind that you have that S in your chest too… just waiting to unleash!

Thank you Family Welfare Committee.

My ExpoMom 2016 Cebu Experience


MommyMundo has been very helpful to mommies around the country. Being a community, they bring together moms to bond, connect, share parenting stories and motherhood experiences. And with the community’s encouragement and support, moms never feel alone. More than just a community, Mommy Mundo also launch interactive exhibits and onstage activities through ExpoMom which pave the way for mom to be updated with the latest mommy and baby trends, new products and new technologies. More so, it is a gathering of mommies…of all kind.

Interestingly, this gathering not only happen in the capital but also to major cities around the Philippines. Last June 18, ExpoMom2016 visits Cebu and I’m glad I visited as I would have missed these things:

Bento Lunch Making
This is the main reason why I set my June 18 for ExpoMom. I really want to witness firsthand the actual preparation and creation of a Bento lunch. Bento pictures are so lovely that I wonder how long for moms to prepare just to have that beautifully crafted lunch. I plan to just watch, listen and learn. Next thing I know, I’m one of the participants. Me and Mommy Rose of Mommy Wanders was invited to join but when Mommy Rose went out from the venue for awhile, someone came and occupied her reserved seat before she can return. Every mommy seems ecstatic to participate :)

I was amazed at how easy and fast it is to make a bento lunch. Not a hassle if you have all the necessary foods and materials. I only need to unleash the creativity side of myself :) Goodluck to me!


Photo Credits: BentoMommas
Follow them at:

Product Choices
There are plenty of booths that caters mommies, babies and kids. This ExpoMom2016 give me an opportunity to get to know latest baby products and toys for kids.


Freebies and Special Discounts
Some brands offer special discounts surely moms like me can’t resist. Very happy that I was able to take home these freebies from Belo Baby Products :)


Thank You ExpoMom 2016 Cebu and Staffs. I had so much fun :)

Expo Mom: The Motherhood Journey Goes to Cebu and Negros


The motherhood journey is different for every mom. Some find taking care of their children an easy task. They are perhaps blessed with the ability to adapt quickly to different types of situations. Others need a little more time to get used to the rhythms of motherhood, and make sure to arm themselves with advice from family and information from books and the internet.

But whether you’re a mama in Manila, a nanay in Cebu, or an iloy in Negros, you are one in loving your children unconditionally and wishing for them only the best. More so, you may find solace, support, and inspiration from the mompreneurs, partners, experts, and your fellow moms of Mommy Mundo’s Expo Mom community.

On its ninth year, Expo Mom shines the spotlight on the joys and challenges of every stage of mommyhood with The Motherhood Journey. By bringing it to different destinations, from Manila, Cebu, and Negros to Alabang, Davao, and Cagayan de Oro, Expo Mom hopes to reach out to more mothers across the country.

After its successful run in Manila last April, Expo Mom 2016: The Motherhood Journey makes a stop on June 18, Saturday, at the Ayala Center in Cebu City before moving on to Negros on June 25, Saturday, at the North Point Mall in Bacolod City.

At Expo Mom, moms will be delighted to discover practical solutions as well as relevant propositions to their most pressing problems and issues. Aside from bringing in expert resource persons to facilitate workshops and group discussions, Expo Mom will also be showcasing the latest mom, baby, and child-oriented products in the market.

Flying in from Manila to Cebu are Michele S. Alignay, MA, Registered Family Psychologist, who will lead a discussion on the joys and challenges of the motherhood journey, and the moms behind the highly popular group, Bento Mommas, who will teach moms how to prepare delicious bento meals for their children. Cebu’s all-day program also includes a fitness activity and cooking demonstration sponsored by Caltrate Plus, a finance management workshop by Sun Life, a product showcase by Downy Babt Gentle, and a skin care talk by Belo Baby. The Negros leg will feature the same program.

The lineup of exhibitors in Cebu include ClearAScar, Cycles and Cradle, Sanicare, Babyzone, Modern Mama, Baby Mum Mum, Vpharma, Boba Philippines, Halo Sleepsack, and The Nest. In Negros, the participating exhibitors include Caltrate Plus, Belo Baby, Downy Baby Gentle, Cycles and Cradle, Sanicare, Babyzone, Five Little Monkeys, and Halo Sleepsack.

Expo Mom 2016: The Motherhood Journey is co-presented by Caltrate Plus and Belo Baby and supported by Sun Life and Downy Baby Gentle. Creative Juice Communications is its logistics partner.

Entrance at Expo Mom is free of charge but a donation of any amount will be accepted for the Mommy Mundo MomShare fund. Proceeds of the fund goes to literacy projects for the street children of Childhope Asia and public school kids under the Alpabasa program.

Expo Mom is the banner event of Mommy Mundo, a community dedicated to educating, inspiring, and empowering moms with useful, relevant, and up-to-date information.

For more information, visit

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