Nutri10 Plus

If you have super active and at same time picky eater child, like mine, I’m sure you also worry if the nutrient from the food they consume is sufficient. Sure my kids eat spaghetti and chicken adobo but when you give them sautéed mixed vegetables, then it’s a different story as it takes more minutes for a spoonful of veggies to be chewed and swallowed. (Making dishes more colorful is still a work in progress for me :) )

To supplement the lacking vitamins, minerals and nutrients, we give our kids multivitamins. Nowadays, more multivitamins options means more choices thus, its okey to be mindful on what vitamins and minerals to give to your kids based on their needs.

Are your kid’s immunity low? no energy to play? too thin or small for his/her age? too tired to do their assignments? iron-deficient? Is a little of something combined together a good choice or one vitamin or mineral at time better Whatever the need, be sure to pick the right multivitamin with the most stuff your kids need.

Nutri10 Plus

Then there’s Nutri10 Plus.

What is Nutri10 Plus?
According to, Nutri10 Plus is a food supplement. It helps promote overall immunity, maximize physical growth & enhance brain development. Nutri10 Plus’ Facebook Page has this infographic about the 4 amino acids, vitamins and minerals in a bottle of Nutri10 Plus.

Nutri10 Plus Nutrients

Nutri10 Plus has:

  • Taurine – promotes brain development for sharp mind and good memory;
  • Lysine – helps boost appetite;
  • CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) – promotes healthy and accelerated growth to children;
  • Zinc that boosts the body’s immunity.

Plus it also contains Vitamins A, D, E, Bs, and C.

These nutrients are essentials to the kid’s growing stage.

Nutri10 Plus Ingredients:
Vitamins, Minerals, Sucrose, Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Sodium CMC, Polysorbate 80, Sodium Benzoate, Water and Ponkan flavor (artificial)

Nutri10 Plus Flavor:
Orange sweet flavor.

Nutri10 Plus Recommendation Usage:
1 -9 yrs old (2.5ml)
10-12 yrs old (5ml)

Since the eldest’s diet is good (at least she now eats vegetables and fruits, though not all), Nutri10 Plus is here to help my youngest son.

Nutri10 Plus on Jiggy2

Disclaimer: ​Nutri10 Plus were given to us for free from Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Wert Philippines

Discover StickerKid Sticker Labels

I have two kids — a 10yo daughter and a 5yo son. At 5 years apart and considering their gender, they have different preferences on toys, books, clothes and some other stuffs. However, with the age gap, most often than not they still want to have some stuff that match such as choice of snacks or merienda, water bottles or lunch boxes.

For identification, I labelled their things using permanent marker but after multiple washings, markings fade or worst case, wash off. And then moments come that they overlook those identifications and then I thought it would never make a difference because they are siblings and these are washed anyway, until one got sick from coughs and colds and I’m afraid it will do more harm.



And then StickerKid came.
Yep, StickerKid, from Switzerland, reached out and asked if we could try their products.

StickerKid is an online store that designs and produces high quality Swiss-made personalized sticker labels for school supplies, lunch boxes, water bottles, clothes and other belongings worth to label.

We were grateful to be given a sponsored code and avail “Discovery Pack” which consist of:
– 60 pcs small sticker
– 22 pcs medium stickers
– 20 pcs Iron-On Labels for clothes


What we love about StickerKid:

*** User friendly online purchase procedure.

*** Can be shipped worldwide. They shipped as far as Philippines :)

*** From the looks of it, the labels are of good quality and true to its claimed that it can withstand multiple washings. Unfortunately, the label on the water bottle’s cover peeled off after 2 weeks but labels in water bottle’s body and lunch boxes are still stuck. Also, labels on their bags, pencils and crayons are still stuck too.

*** Attractive colors. We chose yellow for the small sticker and green for the medium stickers are attractive and bright, thus can easily be spotted.



Head on to their website for some packages with discounts.

​Again, we are thankful that Stickerkid let us try their labels. So far, no missing items reported yet.

Disclaimer: ​I’m not paid for this post though this stickers were given to us for free. ​A​ll photos and opinions ​expressed ​are ​ours.​